Blog author: jcarter
Friday, January 6, 2017

An old anti-Catholic law has resurfaced in Georgia
Matt Hadro, Catholic News Agency

An amendment from the 1870s is now being invoked in Georgia to challenge a scholarship program allowing children to attend religious schools. “It would be a terrible mistake to use a bigoted law from the nineteenth century to hurt schoolchildren today,” religious freedom advocates say.

What Christians are finding as they return to the Nineveh Plain
Matt Hadro, Crux

As villages on Iraq’s Nineveh Plain are liberated from Islamic State forces, the Christians who lived there have returned, only to find destruction and betrayal.

GOP Sen. Rand Paul Blasts Party Leaders For Ignoring Debt
Andrew Taylor, Associated Press

Republican Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday blasted fellow GOP lawmakers for ignoring the government’s spiraling debt problem in their rush to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law.

The Religious Sources for Modern Human Rights
David E. Anderson, Religion & Ethics Newsweekly

It is a version of history that runs against the grain of received wisdom and the conventional story of the birth of human rights.