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Sportsmen think global warming is a threat?

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In the in-box, this interesting survey from Nate at Field & Stream:

A new survey conducted by the National Wildlife Federation (the results of which are being hosted exclusively on shows that:

  • 76 percent of sportsmen believe global warming is occurring
  • 71 percent believe it’s a serious threat to fish and wildlife
  • 78 percent believe the U.S. should reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases like CO2

even though:

  • 73 percent consider themselves conservative to moderate on political issues
  • 50 percent consider themselves evangelical Christians


  • 53 percent voted for Bush (compared to 29 percent for John Kerry)

Here’s the link to the full survey. I have lots of brothers in Christ who are outdoorsman and know they have been conservation conscious for generations. But I’m surprised the numbers are that high. I’ve emailed Nate back to see if we can get more details on this; worth expanding on.

[Originally posted at The Evangelical Ecologist]

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  • I think it shows us what a massively funded, complexly coordinated, and pervasively distributed PR project can accomplish, especially when its message coheres so well with the political inclinations of a credulous mainstream media.

  • Morton Snorfman

    As a small “c” conservative and life member of Trout Unlimited, I say “Amen, Jordan!”

    This survey is a mess and deserves a mention on as junk worth debunking.
    If you visit NWF’s page,, and check out any of the “Impacts for your state” each and every PDF is but a paean to the supposed merits of the Kyoto Protocol (more like “Induce Global Poverty Protocol”) and each contains loads more weasel words, i.e. could, might, etc., than I’ve seen since I used to read Greenpeace “scientific” studies for a living.