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PowerLinks 02.15.17

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Does Religion Have a Place in Public Schools?
Benjamin Justice and Colin Macleod, The Atlantic

“The question of what to do with religion in school-choice programs is how, or whether, to keep the baby while ditching the bathwater.”

Lawmakers and Regulators Act Like They Hate Farmers Markets
Baylen Linnekin ,

Is the purist or the modern vision of a farmers market the proper one? I wouldn’t want to see farmers squeezed out of a farmers market. But I’m certain local consumers—rather than me, or you, or local lawmakers—know best what they want to see at their farmers market.

25 reasons why protectionism is taken seriously when it’s actually a form of economic suicide
Mark J. Perry, AEI Ideas

It’s a scientifically and mathematically provable fact that all tariffs, at any time and in any country, will harm economic growth, eliminate net jobs, destroy prosperity, and lower the standard of living of the protectionist country because tariffs are guaranteed by the ironclad laws of economics to generate costs to consumers that outweigh the benefits to producers, i.e. tariffs will always impose deadweight losses on the protectionist country.

The Solution For U.S. Energy Policy Is Really, Really Simple
Alex Berezow, American Council on Science and Health

The perfect energy solution is really quite simple. Implementing it only requires political will and scientifically savvy voters. Unfortunately, both are in short supply.

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