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PowerLinks 02.17.17

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The Catholic Schools Saved by Vouchers
Laura McKenna, The Atlantic

Parishes staved off closures by participating in a school-choice program, but that also resulted in fewer donations to the church.

Say’s Law: The Antidote to Countless Economic Fallacies
Russell Lamberti, Mises Wire

To understand the principle that has been called Say’s Law, it is useful to start by thinking about what unhampered exchange is: the mutual offering of goods and services between people.

We should thank, not condemn, our generous Chinese benefactors for ‘manipulating’ the currency in our favor
Mark J. Perry, AEI Ideas

To the extent that currency manipulation is real and works as advertised, it makes the exports of countries that practice it artificially inexpensive for foreigners to buy.

House Republicans reveal outline of plan to replace ACA
Catherine Garcia, The Week

On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and two House committee chairmen shared with House Republicans the outlines of their plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

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