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PowerLinks 03.10.17

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Women Prosper When Markets Are Free
Antony Davies and James R. Harrigan, FEE

Cross-referencing data from the Fraser Institute, which looks at general economic freedom, and World Bank in the United Nations, which looks at gender disparity, we see that countries that are more economically free also have more gender equality.

Virilitas, Self-Restraint, and the Relevance of Ancient Moral Virtues Today
Ryan Hunter, Ethika Politika

t is this crucial aspect of self-mastery or self-rule which merits further examination – a man or woman who gives into excesses of the senses, of certain bodily pleasures, is a person who has not mastered the self, and who, therefore, is incapable constitutionally of inspiring order and self-rule in others.

When it Comes to Education Spending, It’s Not How Much, But How It’s Spent
Evan Smith, Opportunity Lives

A troubling misconception has overwhelmed much of the debate about education policy in America: money does not matter in education.

After Passing Soda Tax To Curb Habit, Dems Insist Retailers Are Price-Gouging
Kyle Sammin, The Federalist

Philadelphia’s soda tax should influence the conversation over the endless spiral of taxing and spending in America’s mismanaged, one-party big cities.

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