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PowerLinks 03.20.17

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3 Ways the Trump Administration Could Stop Crony Capitalism
Veronique de Rugy,

If the pre-budget rumors are true, President Donald Trump is making good on his promise to drain the swamp by putting a few corporate welfare programs, such as the Export-Import Bank and the Overseas Private Investment Corp., on the chopping block.

Calvin Coolidge for President!
Don Boudreaux, Cafe Hayek

“I want the people of America to be able to work less for the government and more for themselves. I want them to have the rewards of their own industry.” How radical. How humane. How very wonderful.

It Turns Out That a Less-Christian America Might Be a Worse America
David French, The Corner

Months ago Ross Douthat wrote a prescient piece arguing that if the Left disliked the religious right, it will positively loathe the post-religious right. In other words, the absence of religion does not necessarily or even likely lead to the growth of tolerance and moderation.

Yes, Humanity Is More Peaceful. No, It’s Not Because of Government
Jason Sorens, FEE

Humans are getting more and more peaceful. Violent deaths from all causes (murder, war, etc.) have declined massively throughout human history. But to what do we owe this increasing peace? Enlightenment philosophy? Commerce? Or the rise of governance by states?

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