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Video: John Stonestreet on the gospel in a culture of identity crisis

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Acton Lecture Series - John Stonestreet

The changes in western culture over the past decades reflect a major shift in how we think of the nature of reality and, in particular, the human person. In light of these changes, how is the Church to address the deep issues of the day without becoming captive to political ideologies? How can it recover and advance a Biblical vision on humanity?

On March 30, John Stonestreet – President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview – delivered an address as part of the 2017 Acton Lecture Series in an attempt to propose answers to those questions. We’re pleased to share his address with you below; you can also hear Stonestreet’s appearance on Radio Free Acton by subscribing to the podcast at this link.

Marc Vander Maas


  • Great discussion! I would add that a lot of our current legal problems comes from Christians having given the state too much power in the past. Prohibition is a good example. Why did Christians give the state the power to define and control marriage in the 19th century? The civil rights movement in the 60s had good outcomes, but it was done illegally and vastly expanded the power of the state. The state should never be able to control the preferences of private individuals the way it does. While I consider racial discrimination to be evil, it’s not an evil that we should have given the state to control. Giving the state the power to criminalize racial discrimination opened the door for it to control every aspect of our thoughts and life. Now there is no putting the monster back in its cage.