Writing in the San Diego Union Tribune, Ruben Navarette explains how the Mexican economy and corruption are related to the U.S. immigration problem. After talking with a Mexican born, U.S. citizen, Navarette observes:

In Mexico, the elites take pride in the fact that Mexicans abroad send home nearly $20 billion a year. But for González, that figure is a national embarrassment – an advertisement of a government’s failure to provide sufficient opportunity for its own people.

So Navarette presses him:

Doesn’t Fox deserve credit for reaching out to Mexicans in the United States? Before Fox came along, these castaways had long been ignored by Mexico’s ruling elite. Not so fast, González said. If Fox really wanted to help the estimated 6 million to 8 million illegal immigrants from Mexico living in the United States, he said, the answer is to create jobs at home so that Mexicans don’t have to leave their country and families to search for work.

Mexicans are not your typical immigrants, it seems.

“We’re not here for the American Dream,” González said. “We’re here to survive.”

When Navarette asks him what he would do if he were Presidente for a day, his companion sounds a lot like an Acton Institute grad:

(1) Tackle police corruption; people have no incentive to be productive if they’re constantly being fleeced and robbed by those who are supposed to protect them.

(2) Stop penalizing employers and small businesses; cutting licensing fees would allow companies to create more jobs and pay higher wages.

(3) Clean up the environment by punishing companies that plunder natural resources and lay waste to the countryside and waterways.

Can we sign this guy up for one of our seminars?

  • *Nationwide Rally to Stop Illegal Immigration
    on Saturday, July 1st, at noon, at your City Hall*

    *May 1st – Million of Illegal Aliens Marched in our Streets*

    Twelve million illegal aliens demonstrated their political power, and declared May 1st to be A Day Without
    Undocumented Workers ( illegal aliens ). They boycotted the USA, all US businesses and institutions.
    Millions of them marched in our streets, carried Mexican flags, shouted “Si se puede!”, and demanded new laws from our Congress.

    *July 1st – U.S. Citizens Nationwide Rally for Immigration Control*

    Rally to stop our continuous invasion by millions of illegal aliens.
    Demonstrate the political and economic power of U.S. citizens.

    *Citizens Day Rally and Picnic*

    This is not organized on a national level such that we could obtain parade permits in every city.
    However, you can hold a citizens family picnic and site seeing visit at the city hall of whatever town you
    are in, on Saturday, July 1st at noon. Every City Hall will know you are coming.

    Spacing – Do not crowd. Let people through.
    Police – Greet them and thank them for enforcing the law.
    Agitators – Ignore them. Enjoy the fun peacefully.
    Duration – Stay 30 minutes or all day. Be there by noon.

    Take the initiative personally. Cause your effect nationally.

    *A Citizens Day Without Illegal Aliens*

    On May 1st, millions of illegal aliens demonstrated their economic power by boycotting U.S. businesses,
    schools, and hospitals. We can extend that concept by declaring our own Day Without Illegal Aliens.

    On July 1st, you can demonstrate the economic power of U.S. citizens by boycotting businesses that you think employ illegal aliens. You do not have to prove it. You are just making a one day statement.

    For example, you might think that:
    * McDonalds Hamburgers employs thousands of illegal aliens.
    * The U.S. government knows it because McDonalds reports their duplicate and stolen Social Security numbers.
    * McDonalds cannot deny it because thousands of their employees skipped work on May 1st to march in our streets.
    * McDonalds found U.S. citizens to work in their stores on May 1st, and the rest of the year McDonalds paid low wages to illegal aliens.
    * So, you might boycott McDonalds on July 1st.*

    *Things You Can Do*

    1. Spread the word:
    E-mail a copy or link of this to your friends (www.CitizenDay.com)
    Post a copy or link on appropriate Internet forums.
    2. E-mail your Senators with this message: Build the wall. Enforce the law.
    3. On July 1st, boycott businesses employing illegal aliens.
    4. On July 1st, go to the USA Citizens Day rally at your City Hall. Be there by noon.

    *”Immigration Reform” is Amnesty for Big Corporate Donors*

    CNN headline: “Wealthy couple guilty of enslaving maid”

    Martinez, an illegal alien, “volunteered to work for five years as a live-in maid and nanny for the Calimlims and their three children.” Federal prosecutors said “the Calimlims face prison, fines, deportation and forfeiture of their $1.2 million home when sentenced September 15, 2006. Their U.S.-born son faces prison and fines.”

    For hiring a single illegal alien, this family faces prison, loss of their home, and fines. But U.S. corporations have committed the same crime, not once, but millions of times with millions of illegal aliens. Corporate leaders face long prison terms and $Billions in fines. Buried in the Senate’s illegal alien amnesty bill is complete amnesty their corporate donors. The Senate’s “comprehensive immigration reform” is all about making the crimes go away in order to protect their big political donations.

    *Senate Gives Amnesty to All Illegal Aliens*

    In 1986, Congress gave amnesty to 2.7 million illegal aliens. Congress granted amnesty first, and promised tough
    enforcement of immigration laws later. Amnesty was instant, but law enforcement never happened. Instead of 2.7 million
    illegal aliens, now we have 12 million.

    Our President and Senate have proposed another amnesty under the guise of “comprehensive immigration reform.”
    Again, this is amnesty first, and law enforcement later. But later, there will be no law to enforce. Any illegal
    alien that penetrates the border will automatically be “on the path to citizenship.” Sure, he promises to learn English,
    file tax returns, or pay a fine, someday…just like his 12 million predecessors did. And, he would never buy cheaply
    forged documents to prove he has already been here for 2 years, or 10.

    Despite recent, token efforts at border control, illegal aliens will come in by the millions, because this is where the money is,
    and our Senate is giving all of them a permanent pass. The Senate wont play Hide and Don’t Seek, anymore. The Senate’s new game
    is simply “All ye, all ye, in come free.”

    *190 Million Immigrants and maybe a Civil War*

    Congressmen have estimated that the Senate amnesty will attract 190 million new immigrants. Their parents and elderly will retire on Social Security without ever paying into it. 190 million new immigrants will destroy Social Security and overrun our schools, jails, welfare, and medical services. Your taxes will skyrocket to pay for them all.

    Prominent illegal alien activists have already demanded that the USA give four Southwestern states to Mexico. If millions of Mexicans can march in our streets today, 190 million more could do anything they want to, including start another Civil War.

    *The Real World*

    The USA creates stability, freedom, and economic growth in the World that would exist without us. The welfare and rising standards of living, of billions of people, depend on that. However, several countries would take aggressive advantage of USA weakness and chaos. To protect yourself and do good in the World, stop the invasion and keep us strong.



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    Permission to reproduce for
    its stated purpose.

  • mildred

    [b]Bad Senators -> They Voted to Grant Amnesty[/b]
    On May 26, 2006, the U.S. Senate approved a bill that grants amnesty to all illegal aliens: past, present, and future. The Senate’s bill also grants criminal amnesty to the corporations that employ millions of illegal aliens.

    It would be very effective if you email the voting list back to Congress. This lets them know that we will remember what they do.
    U.S. House of Representatives Email Link:
    U.S. Senate Email Link:


    Akaka (D-HI) akaka.senate.gov/email.cfm 202-224-6361
    Baucus (D-MT) baucus.senate.gov/contact/emailForm.cfm?subj=issue 202-224-2651
    Bayh (D-IN) bayh.senate.gov/WebMail1.htm 202-224-5623
    Bennett (R-UT) bennett.senate.gov/contact/emailmain.html 202-224-5444
    Biden (D-DE) senator@biden.senate.gov 202-224-5042
    Bingaman (D-NM) senator_bingaman@bingaman.senate.gov 202-224-5521
    Boxer (D-CA) boxer.senate.gov/contact 202-224-3553
    Brownback (R-KS) brownback.senate.gov/CMEmailMe.cfm 202-224-6521
    Cantwell (D-WA) cantwell.senate.gov/contact/index.html 202-224-3441
    Carper (D-DE) carper.senate.gov/aemail.htm 202-224-2441
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