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PowerLinks 05.17.17

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Trump Should Adopt an International Religious-Freedom Policy with Teeth
Tina Ramirez, National Review

American Christians should urge him to adopt policies to help the church where it’s persecuted.

Under Socialism, Morality Is Scarcer than Bread
Marian L. Tupy, FEE

Defending capitalism as a morally sound economic system is important.

More CEOs than ever are getting fired for ethical lapses
Oliver Staley, Quartz

The number of CEOs fired for ethical lapses has climbed dramatically over the last decade, according to PwC, the accounting and consulting firm that compiled the data.

Vatican’s financial watchdog cites progress, but still no prosecutions
Inés San Martín, Crux

The Vatican’s financial watchdog presented a rosy annual report on Thursday, suggesting a drop in reports of suspicious activity and an increase in cooperation with international partners in tracking transactions. However, there still has been no public prosecution of anyone for financial crimes in the Vatican, which faces a ticking clock to get that done from the Council of Europe’s review process.

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