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PowerLinks 06.19.17

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How Science Is Losing Its Humanity
Ron Clutz, Science Matters

Today science and the “philosophy of mind”—its thoughtful assistant, which is sometimes smarter than the boss—are threatening Western culture with the exact opposite of humanism. Call it roboticism. Man is the measure of all things, Protagoras said. Today we add, and computers are the measure of all men.

Why Is The Language Of Transhumanists And Religion So Similar?
Beth Singler, Aeon

[B]elievers in a ‘transhuman’ future – in which AI will allow us to transcend the human condition once and for all – draw constantly on prophetic and end-of-days narratives to understand what they’re striving for.

The Millennial Success Sequence
W. Bradford Wilcox and Wendy Wang, AEI

Millennials are much more likely to flourish financially if they follow the “success sequence”—getting at least a high school degree, working full-time, and marrying before having any children, in that order.

What you should know about apprenticeships, Trump’s answer to the skills gap
Sarah Kessler, Quartz

On June 15, Trump signed an executive order that he said would “expand apprenticeships and vocational training to help all Americans find a rewarding career, earn a great living, and support themselves and their families and love going to work in the morning.”

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