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PowerLinks 07.10.17

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How the Poor May be Saving More for Retirement than the Rich
Andrew G. Biggs, AEI

Who’s better prepared for retirement: a $12,000 worker who saves nothing on top of Social Security, or a $100,000 worker who maxes out his 401(k)? The answer may surprise you.

Jean-Baptiste Say and His Timeless Law of Markets
Richard M. Ebeling, FEE

Say greatly appreciated the young America of that time as a beacon of freedom.

The Urgency of Restoring the Biblical Values of America’s Founders
Arthur Goldberg, Public Discourse

Our nation was founded on biblical principles as a haven for devoutly religious dissidents. We forget our Judeo-Christian origins and the founders’ commitment to freedom of religion at our peril.

Economic solutions need broader vision, pope tells G-20 leaders
Junno Arocho Esteves, Crux

In a message to world leaders meeting for the G20 in Germany, Pope Francis asked that they consider the poor, the marginalized and migrants as they sit down to make international policy decisions. The pope also encouraged members to place unity over conflict when discussing economic differences.

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