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PowerLinks 07.11.17

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Hindu-Americans Don’t Vote Republican
Akhilesh Pillalamarri, The American Conservative

Hindu-Americans are a high-income, family-values oriented group, yet vote for Democrats in overwhelming numbers. This paradox can be explained by the nature of Hinduism as a religion, India’s historical social, cultural, and agricultural patterns, and India’s experience with British colonialism—all factors that influence Hindu-Americans to vote for the Democratic Party.

On currency
JP Koning, Moneyness

When we use the word currency, we typically mean a grab bag of paper money, coins, deposits, and cryptocurrencies, or we use it to describe national units of account such as dollars, yen, pounds, pesos, ringgits, bitcoin, etc. But the word currency shouldn’t be used so sloppily.

Capitalism the Apple Way vs. Capitalism the Google Way
Mihir A. Desai , The Atlantic

Whichever company’s vision wins out will shape the future of the economy.

What Is Human Dignity?
Peter Lawler, The Imaginative Conservative

We display our dignity by imposing our will on nature to create a world where we can live as dignified beings—or not as miserably self-conscious and utterly precarious accidents.

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