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PowerLinks 08.03.17

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How Civil Asset Forfeiture Reduces Economic Mobility
Julian Adorney, The Federalist

Income mobility in the United States has stagnated, a fact that hurts the poor most of all. If President Trump wishes to keep his promises to help low-income Americans escape poverty, he should instruct his administration to jettison, rather than expand, non-criminal asset forfeiture.

The Environmental Movement Should Embrace Free Markets
Daniel Cochrane, RealClearPolicy

If the environmental crowd is serious about moving America toward renewables, they should work to end Big Energy’s monopoly on electricity distribution and embrace new innovations made possible by free-market competition.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross vs. Frederic Bastiat: The interest of the producer vs. the interest of the consumer
Mark J. Perry, AEI

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross presents his pro-producer, pro-export, mercantilist views in an op-ed titled “Free Trade is a Two-Way Street.” Nowhere in Ross’s article does he mention the other side of the international trade equation: the US consumers, including both individual Americans and households, and the US-based companies that buy foreign inputs.

Driverless cars and trucks don’t mean mass unemployment—they mean new kinds of jobs
Cathy Engelbert and Scott Corwin, Quartz

As with many technological advancements, new types of mobility—including autonomous vehicles—will likely prompt gains in efficiency and productivity, making each mile of travel meaningfully less expensive.

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