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PowerLinks 08.09.17

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Is UBI Better Than Welfare?
Antony Davies, FEE

If we could actually figure out how to implement that well, would that work? And why wouldn’t that work in the real world?

Is Cuba putting the brakes on private business?
Tyler Cowen, Marginal Revolution

On Tuesday, Cuba’s government said it would suspend the issuance of permits for a range of occupations and ventures, including restaurants and renting out rooms in private homes.

Channeling Bastiat: If you don’t object to free light from the Sun, you shouldn’t object to low-cost Chinese goods
Mark J. Perry, AEI

If you wouldn’t object to receiving free light from the Sun, then you shouldn’t object to receiving free goods from China, Mexico or Japan.

Socializing Medicine Through Single-Payer Will Lead To Rationing And Bankruptcy
Margot Cleveland, The Federalist

Therein lies the choice with government-run health coverage: Huge (and regular) tax increases or rationing. Or both.

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