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PowerLinks 09.19.17

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What’s Wrong with Inequality?
John Tamny , Library of Law and Liberty

Not asked enough is what’s so bad about inequality in the first place? Conard asks, and correctly notes that those whose economic exploits lead to greater inequality “improve the future.” Yes, they do.

Study: Raising the Minimum Wage Leaves Automation-Prone Workers Behind
Theodore Kupfer, The Corner

A new study by economists Grace Lordan and David Neumark finds that minimum-wage increases make it likelier that low-skilled workers whose jobs can be automated will become unemployed.

Senate confirms free-market advocate Hassett as top Trump economist
Victorian Guida, Politico

The Senate on Tuesday voted 81-16 to confirm free-market conservative Kevin Hassett as President Donald Trump’s chief economist, approving a key adviser whose views clash with Trump’s base on both immigration and trade.

Edmund Burke and the Principle of Order
Russell Kirk, The Imaginative Conservative

Edmund Burke’s principle of order is an anticipatory refutation of utilitarianism, positivism, and pragmatism, an affirmation of that reverential view of society which may be traced through Aristotle, Cicero, Seneca, the Roman jurisconsults, the Schoolmen, Richard Hooker, and lesser thinkers.

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