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PowerLinks 10.05.17

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How do the socialists explain away North Korea?
Kristian Niemietz, CapX

There’s a tradition on the Left of endorsing, and then disowning models of socialism.

Is Development Aid the New Colonialism?
Matt Warner, FEE

The current aid model for alleviating systemic global poverty does more harm than good.

No, Right to Work Doesn’t ‘Take’ Unions’ Property
George Leef, The Corner

Every time a state enacts a Right to Work statute, big labor brings in a team of lawyers to argue that the law is somehow illegal. Never mind that federal law has permitted states to do this since 1947 and the federal courts have often rebuffed arguments that such laws violate the constitutional rights of unions.

Ludwig von Mises: Defender of Capitalism
George Reisman, Mises Wire

September 29, 2017 is the one-hundred-and-thirty-sixth anniversary of the birth of Ludwig von Mises, economist and social philosopher, who passed away in 1973

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