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PowerLinks 12.05.17

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How The Free Market Promotes Tolerance, Diversity, And Inclusion Far Better Than Socialism Does
Matthew Goldberg, The Federalist

Little has been written about the hypocrisy of socialism as the economic manifestation of ‘tolerance, diversity, and inclusion.’ The free market better promotes these three values.

Sayers: Why Beauty and Excellence Matter in Our Work
Art Lindsley, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

That Christians lacked a biblical perspective on work was all too clear to Sayers

Himmelfarb on why intellectuals hate capitalism
Alberto Mingardi, EconLog

Himmelfarb notes perceptively that critics of American culture tend to see that “the incubus of Big Business lies heavily upon the whole country, stifling individual expression and corrupting individual tastes”. But we know well that successful enterprises, cultural enterprises included, basically provide people with something that they want. Himmelfarb knows this, too.

Kansas is Rebuilding its Entire Educational System
Teodora Zareva, Big Think

In August this year, Kansas officially launched an exciting educational reform with the goal to completely redesign the educational system in the state. It is called Kansas Can School Redesign Project and public officials are likening it to the NASA moon missions of the 1960s. They have even named the pilot school districts that will launch the new school designs in 2018 “the Mercury Seven.”

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