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Skepticism of free markets grows within the Catholic Church

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At the top of the Catholic hierarchy, there has grown an abandonment of Capitalism. Criticism of free markets, and even profit in general, have caused others within the Catholic Church to become concerned.

As the debate grows, it’s helpful to clear up the main arguments of those who oppose and those who support Capitalism. In an article written for CatholicVote, Senior editor for the Acton Institute, Fr. Ben Johnson, did just that. Addressing the positions of First Things editor R. R. Reno and Acton Institute president Rev. Robert Sirico, Johnson lays out the main arguments on both sides of the debate.

“However, this issue is a matter of prudence guided by broad principles,” writes Johnson.  “To come to an informed position, each person must learn the laws of faith and economics.”

Read Johnson’s full piece, “Are Conservative Catholics Abandoning Capitalism?”.

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Caroline Roberts Caroline Roberts has a B.A. in English from Grove City College and produces the Acton Institute’s podcast, Radio Free Acton.