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Acton Commentary: Social In-Security and the Economic Crisis

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“America has been cashing checks on the promise of future Social Security checks, and on the promise of an endlessly robust housing market,” writes Jonathan Witt in his commentary this week. “But somewhere along the way, too many of us stopped funding the checking account with its principal asset: young adults who work hard, pay into the Social Security system, and buy homes for the families they themselves intend to raise.”

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Brittany Hunter


  • Tracy

    Thanks for the great article. As a young professional I see social security as almost non existent for my generationa and the generation ahead. The budget crisis in my state is so huge that bulk of my wage is taxes and increase expenses on living expenses that result from taxes. Young professionals see the road ahead as they will be working more years then their parents with less resources then the past. From the last comment in the article we can choose to be free.

  • Will

    Social security was to be something to fall back on if life dealt you a bad hand. Now the rich, like Biden and Mc Cain collect it when they have no need for it. Kick the rich off of social security and let them pay their own country club dues.

  • John

    No mention of the “Roe Effect” Brandy? Would the dearth of responsible young adults be affected at all by the simultaneous legalization of infanticide in the 1970s? Not only does a society’s respect for the sanctity of life have moral implications, but economic ones as well. God is sovereign over all.

  • Jan

    You are absolutely correct about the Social Security mess–but there is additional reasons besides the ones you gave, for the mess. Billions of dollars that were in the S.S. fund were stolen by our electred reps to payoff their supporters with pork projects–and they used the monies form the SS fund to do so. Billions!~!! I live on Social Security (I’m 71 and have worked all my life—still do because SS is not enough to cover my expenses). I paid in for all of those years and continue to do so. We aborted our half of our future who would be now contributing to it. But the stealing of our funds has never been exposed as it should have been—and the stolen funds should be repaid to SS fund. We would have plenty of money in there right now if it had not been confiscated—as a result the SS fund is broke. I suppose one way the Socialist Reps now can fix it is through Socialized Healthcare–you know, rationed to the elderly, liek Tom Daschle said: “The elderly should simply get used to the fact that they have lived long enough and if they become very ill, they should think about that.” (paraphrased). Welcome in euthanasia which makes very good sense to a Socialist nation—if abortion is A-ok for our babies, what’s so wrong with euthanasia for the elderaly (useless eaters as Socialists call us) and handicapped, of the unwanted in our society–and perhaps the minorties, too. It is a know fact that once in power, the Socialist dictators of third world countries, massively killed 200-250 million unwanted people. Ho hum…anyone ready to fight this monster????

  • Neal Lang

    “Billions!~!! I live on Social Security (I’m 71 and have worked all my life—still do because SS is not enough to cover my expenses).”

    Social Security was never originally intended to be anyone sole source of retirement income, only a supplement. The lie about what Social Security was program to do was started during the Johnson Administration when the program was changed to include automatic “Cost of Living” increases and put on Budget, thus providing a slush fund for the Great Society.

    From its inception, Social Security has always been a Ponzi Scheme, predicated on the assumption of a base of “payers” growing at substantially higher rates than the number of “payees”. That was a find idea, considering 1920s and 30s morals and family values, which generated the post-War “Baby Boom”. However, after the “Baby Boom” of the 40s and 50s came the morality of the 60s based on responsibility deprived “free love and free sex”, along with wide-spread contraception use, easy divorce, and abortion on demand. The rest is history and the future is bleak. BTW, a Social Security system might work, however, not if its based on investment in government instead of the Free Market.