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PowerLinks 12.29.17

Development aid in Africa is flowing to the rich in urban areas and not the poor
Abdi Latif Dahir, Quartz

The role of aid in Africa has been a controversial issue over the years, with economists like Dambisa Moyo even arguing against it, due to questions surfacing around its effectiveness in economic growth and poverty reduction.

Why We Read Dead Economists
Joakim Book, Mises Wire

One of many accusations of the economics discipline is that it spends too much time on the ideas of rich white men, long since buried. In our world ruled by moral and intellectual relativism and group identities, such an accusation is serious indeed.

Charity Donations Likely to Drop Next Year Due to Tax Law
Marcy Gordon, Associated Press

In this season of giving, charity seems to be getting an extra jolt because next year the popular tax deduction for donations will lose a lot of its punch.

Scandinavia is no socialist Valhalla
Madeline Grant, CapX

Scandinavia’s prosperity was only ever threatened when its nations embraced socialist policies.