Caroline Roberts

Caroline Roberts has a B.A. in English from Grove City College and produces the Acton Institute’s podcast, Radio Free Acton.

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Radio Free Acton: Tech & Work on Israeli innovation; Upstream on HBO’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’

On this episode of Radio Free Acton, Dan Churchwell, associate director of program outreach at Acton, speaks with Eugene Kandel, CEO of Start-Up Nation Central, on Israeli innovation. Then, on the Upstream segment, Bruce Edward Walker speaks with Phil Nichols, senior advisor at the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, on the new “Fahrenheit 451” movie from HBO, which releases May 19. Continue Reading...

Samuel Gregg on the inconsistencies of liberalism

What defines “liberalism” today, and how has liberalism evolved over the past centuries? The ideology of liberalism contains many contradictions, making its definition (and history) a convoluted one. The further liberalism strays from human reason, a true anthropology, and moral culture, the harder it becomes for liberals to coherently advocate for life and liberty. Continue Reading...