Joseph Sunde

is an associate editor and writer for the Acton Institute. His work has appeared in venues such as The Federalist, First Things, The City, The Christian Post, The Stream, Charisma News, Juicy Ecumenism, Ethika Politika, Made to Flourish, and the Center for Faith and Work. Joseph resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife and four children.

Posts by Joseph Sunde

When work as ‘calling’ becomes an idol unto self

Propelled by an expansion in economic opportunity and the resounding cultural calls to “follow your passions,” today’s workers are more easily latching on to the notion of work as “calling,” or a pursuit of “deeper meaning.” Of course, in many ways, it’s a positive development. Continue Reading...

Booker T. Washington on the beauty and dignity of work

“My plan was to have [my students]…taught to see not only utility in labour, but beauty and dignity.” –Booker T. Washington We live in a time of unbounding prosperity. Opportunities are wider, work is easier, and innovation continues to accelerate at a break-neck pace. Continue Reading...