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Audio & Video: Sirico & Bonicelli on the Trump Administration

As the Trump Administration begins its work this week, the media continues to call on the Acton Institute for analysis and commentary, both in the US and abroad. Internationally, Acton Director of Programs and Education Paul Bonicelli joined host Alex Jensen on tbs eFM 101.3’s “This Morning” program in Seoul, South Korea on January 22nd to discuss the economic challenges facing the incoming administration, and the likelihood of potential trade conflicts between the United States and other nations down the road based on the protectionist rhetoric from Trump both on the campaign trail and during the presidential transition. Continue Reading...
Bonicelli - tbs eFM 101.3 Seoul

Video: Avik Roy on the end of cultural conservatism as we know it

Bill Buckley and Russell Kirk were leaders in building a movement of cultural conservatism to counter the dominant strain of liberalism that governed American politics following World War II. This movement would eventually lead to the presidency of Ronald Reagan and the end of the Cold War, as well as the rise of Republican congressional leadership in the 1990s and following. Continue Reading...
Avik Roy - Acton Lecture Series

Video: Rev. Sirico on religion and the inauguration of President Trump

Acton Institute President Rev. Robert A. Sirico joined host Neal Cavuto this morning on Fox News Channel’s Cost of Freedom to provide commentary on the national prayer service held today at the Washington National Cathedral as part of the activities surrounding the inauguration of President Donald Trump, and to examine the role the civil religion has played throughout American history. Continue Reading...