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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added 92 lectures from Acton University 2016 to our digital download store! You can pick up the evening plenary lectures from Magatte Wade, Vernon Smith, William Allen, and Acton President Rev. Robert A. Sirico for free – and then select audio from a wide variety of speakers on a diverse range of topics from the daily sessions, including addresses by intellectuals and experts like Michael Novak , Kim Tan, and Prof. Peter Kreeft, among others.

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Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith addresses Acton University 2016

David Cameron - BrexitLast week on Radio Free Acton, we sat down with Acton Institute Director of International Outreach Todd Huizinga to preview the then-upcoming Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom. This week, we’re back again with Todd to review the stunning results of the referendum, the reactions to it in both the United Kingdom and the European Union, and the prospects for EU reform and British prosperity in the near and long-term future.

You can listen to the podcast via the audio player below.

Update: Todd Huizinga has also written a piece for ThinkChristian that sets forth a Christian defense of the Brexit referendum. An excerpt:

Ultimately, the EU’s goal is global governance — extending its form of supranational governance in a way that ignores what Christians recognize as the fallibility of human nature. A look at the interrelatedness of the EU’s global governance agenda and its particularly secular approach to human rights illustrates this.

The EU’s secularist perspective on women’s rights, children’s rights and LGBTQ rights sets aside the Judeo-Christian recognition of human fallibility, as well as the social nature of human beings, in favor of absolute individual autonomy — freedom of choice taken to its ultimate extent. Similarly, the global governance ideology is based on the idea that, via activist “governance,” the world can be transformed and human beings liberated from the constraints of tradition, culture and religion.

You can read the full piece at this link.

With Great Britain’s stunning decision to leave the European Union, media outlets have been looking for commentary to explain the motivations for the move and the likely consequences, and Acton’s experts have risen to the challenge.

Acton’s Director of International Outreach Todd Huizinga – author of The New Totalitarian Temptation, which provides a great deal of insight and background on the European Union – joined BuisnessWeek contributor Eric Schiffer on Newsmax Prime on Friday evening to discuss the vote and its aftermath, and Director of Research Samuel Gregg – author of Becoming Europe, another fine resource for those interested in the problems faced by the EU (and the US) – joined host Al Kresta on Ave Maria Radio’s Kresta in the Afternoon to share his thoughts on the move and the likely economic consequences of Brexit for Britain and the rest of the European Union. Video and audio are posted below.

On this edition of Radio Free Acton, we take a look at the upcoming referendum in Great Britain which will decide the fate of the UK’s membership in the European Union. Todd Huizinga, Acton’s Director of International Relations and author of The New Totalitarian Temptation: Global Governance and the Crisis of Democracy in Europe, joins the podcast fresh from his latest European trip and shares his analysis of the pros and cons for Britain, as well as the reaction in Brussels to the vote and what it may portend for the future of the EU.

You can listen to the podcast via the audio player below; I’ve posted links to some of the articles we discussed after the jump.


Samuel Gregg, Director of Research at the Acton Institute and author of For God And Profit: How Banking and Finance Can Serve the Common Good, joins host Drew Mariani on Relevant Radio’s The Drew Mariani Show to discuss the recent failed referendum in Switzerland that would have provided a guaranteed basic income to all citizens, and how that vote reflects the limitations of social democracy.

You can listen to the full interview via the audio player below.

Acton Institute Director of Research Samuel Gregg joined host Al Kresta on Ave Maria Radio’s Kresta in the Afternoon last Thursday to discuss the ongoing crisis of populism in Latin America, and the Vatican’s perspective on the region’s economic and social unrest under Pope Francis. Gregg notes that while institutionally, the Catholic church in Latin America has largely maintained its institutional integrity, regional leaders – and indeed Pope Francis himself – have an affinity for what is known as “teología del pueblo” – a “theology of the people” – that makes it difficult for the church to criticize the populist movements that cause so many social problems.

The whole interview is well worth your time, and is available via the audio player below.

Poverty-Inc-300x300The Poverty, Inc. documentary continues to make waves around the world, including the land down under.  Acton Institute Research Fellow and director of Poverty, Inc. Michael Matheson Miller was featured last week on Radio Adelaide in Adelaide, Austrailia in advance of a showing of the film there. You can listen to the interview via the audio player below.