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Friday, June 24, 2016

It’s official: Britain votes for Brexit, and will quit the European Union

With the vast majority of votes counted in Britain’s EU referendum, the result is clear. Voters in the UK narrowly chose to exit the European Union—a so-called “Brexit”—by a margin of 52% to 48%.

How an ‘infrastructure for innovation’ can defeat poverty
Robert Doar and Linda Gibbs, Washington Monthly

When Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared a war on poverty in New York City in 2005, he had two clear instructions: First, he wanted a focus on helping people achieve economic success, not escape poverty through bigger transfer payments.

Sorry, Everyone: The American Middle Class Is Winning
David Harsanyi, The Federalist

Stop your whining, bourgeois! You’re basically the luckiest people to ever walk the earth.

Rights First, Government Second
Adam Freedman, City Journal

Randy Barnett’s new book calls for limits on the power of the federal government.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

California Bill Would Ultimately Erase Religious Schools
Holly Scheer, The Federalist

Proponents of Senate Bill 1146 say they need to give students grounds to sue religious schools for teaching their religion, because ‘discrimination.’ Whatever happened to freedom of religion?

When Poverty Is Profitable
Gillian B. White, The Atlantic

A new book details how foster-care agencies and other safety-net programs hire consultants to maximize their funding and divert it from its intended use.

Cotton subsidies: Gifts that keep on giving
Joe Glauber and Daniel A. Sumner, Inside Sources

The United States Department of Agriculture has just awarded cotton producers “one-time only” payments that cover “cotton ginning costs” based on their 2015 production.

This Single Labor Rule Hurts Business Owners, Colleges, and Habitat for Humanity
Melissa Quinn, The Daily Signal

Under the Department of Labor’s new rule, beginning Dec. 1 any employee making up to $47,476 a year must receive overtime pay.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

California’s state religion
Joel Kotkin, Orange County Register

In a state ruled by a former Jesuit, perhaps we should not be shocked to find ourselves in the grip of an incipient state religion. Of course, this religion is not actually Christianity, or even anything close to the dogma of Catholicism, but something that increasingly resembles the former Soviet Union, or present-day Iran and Saudi Arabia, than the supposed world center of free, untrammeled expression.

Almost the entire nation of Venezuela is too broke to eat
Ana Campoy, Quartz

Venezuelans are starving, and they are tired of waiting in line. In a revolt against president Nicolás Maduro’s flailing government, they are increasingly turning to rioting and looting to feed themselves.

The Other Campus Free-Speech Problem No One’s Talking About
Mary Eberstadt, The Federalist

Christian activists are not trying to shutter secular schools; but some progressive activists are trying to put Christian schools out of business.

ISIS suicide bomber targets Syrian Christian patriarch
Inés San Martín, Crux

An ISIS-affiliated suicide bomber tried to kill an Orthodox Syrian Christian patriarch on Sunday, during a special ceremony commemorating the 101 anniversary of the Ottoman genocide against Armenians and Assyrians.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Seven Deadly Progressive Education Myths
Jane Robbins, The Federalist

Our schools are failing our kids, and ‘Seven Myths About Education’ explains how politics replaced pedagogy.

Why One Democratic Congresswoman Wants To Drug-Test The Rich
Danielle Kurtzleben, NPR

The richest Americans take heavy advantage of the tax code’s many deductions. So Rep. Gwen Moore has an idea: she wants rich Americans to get drug-tested before they can get those tax benefits.

EPA warns Flint, Michigan of long-term threats to water supply

The city of Flint faces multiple long-term threats to its water supply, even though short-term progress has been made in reducing lead contamination in the drinking water, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has warned the city and the state of Michigan.

As Low-Skilled Jobs Disappear, Men Drop Out of the Workforce
Jeffrey Sparshott, Wall Street Journal

White House study looks at the causes of falling participation rates among men.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

One State Is Making It Easier for Government to Take Property
Melissa Quinn, The Daily Signal

Over the last two years, the shortfalls of the civil forfeiture system have garnered attention from both the media and state and federal lawmakers as more and more people who had property seized by police have come forward—the vast majority of whom were never charged with a crime.

I’m a rocket scientist designing wood stoves that burn without smoking–to save lives and save the planet
Ryan Gist, Quartz

“Where did you put the smoke?” When you hear that, you know a village demo is going well. It’s one of the best reactions we get in the field when we take our stove out into a public space, light a fire with a few pieces of wood, and gather a crowd just as a bright orange flame pops out from the top of the unit.

Would Money For Nothing Make Us Happy and Free?
Michael Gibson, FEE

The fatal flaw in the futurist case for a universal basic income (UBI).

Five Things You Do That Demonstrate How Profitable You Are
Anne Bradley, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

Most of us take for granted the abundance we experience every day. It’s a privilege to be able to take these things for granted. We should reflect on the amazing wonders of the modern world, brought to us by the God-given creativity of strangers, that allow us to be so blissfully ignorant. Let’s take a moment to be grateful for them.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Speaker Ryan’s Call For Regulatory Humility
Susan E. Dudley, Forbes

House Speaker Paul Ryan unveiled a new plan yesterday aimed at reviving the stalled economy by reforming the way the federal government regulates.

Federal Court Upholds Regulations That Threaten Open Internet
James Gattuso, The Daily Signal

Sixteen months after the Federal Communications Commission imposed heavy new regulations on broadband services, a federal appeals court—by a 2-1 vote—upheld the new rules.

Philadelphia just passed a landmark soda tax
Chase Purdy, Quartz

The fifth-largest city in the US today (June 16) passed a landmark soda tax proposal that will levy 1.5 cents per liquid ounce on distributors.

Specialization and Trade
Yuval Levin, National Review Online

Arnold Kling—the economist, teacher, blogger, and polymath—has a way of cutting through layers of conventional assumptions and laying bare complex realities. Read more at:

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

What if God wants the lesser prairie-chicken to go extinct?
Eric Holst, Environemental Defense Fund

I found myself in a tricky spot: being asked to expound on God’s will for the lesser prairie-chicken.

A Victory for the American People Against the Export-Import Bank
Sen. Mike Lee, The Daily Signal

It’s not every day that the American people score a victory over the global elite, but that’s exactly what happened last week.

There Is No Way the Minimum Wage Can Help the Economy
Howard Baetjer Jr., FEE

Another baffling and bad argument for minimum wages.

The US Senate passed a bill requiring women to register for the draft
Alice Truong, Quartz

The US Senate has approved a $602 billion defense budget that includes a provision requiring women to register for the Selective Service, otherwise known as the draft.