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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Religion of Climate Change
Nicholas G. Hahn III, Wall Street Journal

Lending the power of the pulpit to the cause of environmental politics.

4 Reasons We Must Protect Freedom for Everyone After Supreme Court’s Marriage Ruling
Ryan T. Anderson, The Daily Signal

The Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage has left many concerned about protecting freedom for everyone who believes that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.

Court Says 4 Catholic Nonprofits Must Allow Workers Access to Contraception
Stephanie Clifford, New York Times

Four Roman Catholic nonprofits in New York must allow employees access to contraception, a federal appeals court panel ruled on Friday, reversing a decision by a lower court that allowed the organizations to get around a requirement in the Affordable Care Act.

16 States, Religious Groups Ask Supreme Court to Take Contraceptive Mandate Case
The Becket Fund

Multiple friend-of-the-court briefs filed today in support of Texas Baptist universities and Westminster Theological Seminary.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Houston Churches Sue City for Trying to Take Their Private Property
Kelsey Harkness, The Daily Signal

The Houston Housing Authority found itself in the middle of a sticky lawsuit this week when the agency tried to use eminent domain to “steal” two historic churches’ property as part of an urban renewal project.

Islamic State militants ‘abduct Christians’ in Syrian town

Islamic State militants have abducted dozens of people, many Christian, from a Syrian town captured on Thursday from pro-regime forces, reports say.

Why raising the minimum wage could actually make more employees quit
Lydia DePillis, Washington Post

Wal-Mart’s $9 minimum wage has been in place for a little while now, and not everybody is happy about it.

Rule of Law in the Regulatory State
John H. Cochrane, The Grumpy Economist

The United States’ regulatory bureaucracy has vast power. Regulators can ruin your life, and your business, very quickly, and you have very little recourse. That this power is damaging the economy is a commonplace complaint. Less recognized, but perhaps even more important, the burgeoning regulatory state poses a new threat to our political freedom.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Domestic Sex Trafficking Survivors Find Hope in Small-Town Iowa Halfway Home
Leah Jessen, The Daily Signal

At the intersection of two of the nation’s largest highways, I-35 and I-80, sits the Des Moines, Iowa metro area, known for its small-town feel, farmer’s markets, and frequent visits from presidential campaign hopefuls.

Star Trek Economics: Life After the Dismal Science
Noah Smith, Bloomberg View

So let’s think about the economics of Star Trek. What we’re really thinking about is how to get to economic utopia. It’s an important question.

Video 5: Planned Parenthood’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Jason Jones and John Zmirak, The Stream

Richard Land is right: These videos could bring down America’s abortion industry.

How crony capitalism is slowing global economic growth
James Pethokoukis, AEI Ideas

Too much crony capitalism, not enough competitive capitalism. The US actually scores pretty well against other advanced economies, though we need to do even better.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

On social justice, Francis isn’t rethinking so much as recycling
John L. Allen Jr., Crux

The real question is not why Francis is taking these positions. It’s rather why people react so strongly, whereas basically the same stances often seemed to be ignored or glossed over when taken by other pontiffs.

Zwingli will have his own movie
Evangelical Focus

The life of Ulrich Zwingli will be brought to the big screens, confirmed C-Films, a company which produced films like “Midnight train to Lisbon.”

Chinese Christians Fight Back
The American Interest

In response to continued pressure by local officials who have removed crosses from Christian churches (or even torn down churches entirely), Chinese Christians are turning to civil disobedience.

Ever Wonder Why Jesus Spent so Much Time Making Tables?
Austin Burkhart, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

Ever wonder why Jesus spent so much time making tables? Why did he spend the vast majority of his life on earth working with his hands in a carpentry shop?

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Seattle CEO Praised for Raising Employees’ Salaries to $70K Now Says He’s Struggling to Stay Open
Ray Nothstine, Christian Post

The CEO of a Seattle-based credit card processing company who promised employees an automatic salary of $70,000 is now renting out his house to try and keep the company afloat.

Why The Little Sisters of The Poor Are Right to Be Concerned About Their Religious Freedom
Elizabeth Slattery, The Daily Signal

The Obama administration continues its persistent attack on the Little Sisters of the Poor following their challenge to the Obamacare abortion drug mandate.

Lawmakers to demand full accounting on human trafficking report
Alex Wilts and Matt Spetalnick, Reuters

Senior U.S. lawmakers expressed concern on Tuesday about whether the State Department’s annual global report on human trafficking may have been watered down due to political considerations and vowed to demand a full accounting at a Senate hearing this week.

Why Conservative Governors Are Embracing Criminal Justice Reform
John G. Malcolm, The Daily Signal

It used to be that, like entitlement spending, criminal justice reform was a third rail in politics—touch it, and you could be sure that your next opponent would run a commercial saying you were “soft on crime.” It was a one-way ticket to “Loserville.”

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ex-Im and Planned Parenthood: Where are Our Priorities?
Casey Mattox, The Federalist

Boeing donates to Planned Parenthood, and is the primary beneficiary of Ex-Im. The Senate has voted to continue funding both.

Is the Government Playing Politics With Human Trafficking Rankings?
Jennifer Teng, The Weekly Standard

Cuba, Malaysia rewarded by the State Department.

Major U.S. metropolitan areas differ in their religious profiles
Michael Lipka, Pew Research

The religious face of America is largely a Christian one, with roughly seven-in-ten Americans belonging to that faith. But some of the nation’s biggest metropolitan areas have a very different look.

A Libertarian View of Francis’ Laudato Si
Donald Devine, Library of Law and Liberty

A fragile planet with limited resources means a zero-sum situation in which the richer deprive the poor majority of necessities. Even where serious commitments have been made by the West to reduce carbon emissions, the richer nations are unwilling to confront the underlying problem of consumerism among their populations.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Major US foundations committing millions for campaign to eliminate religious exemptions
Catholic World News

Several major American grantmaking foundations have committed millions of dollars to a campaign to eliminate religious exemptions to gay-rights laws, the Catholic News Agency (CNA) reports.

Human Trafficking: A Crime Hard to Track Proves Harder to Fight
Caroline Reilly, Frontline

Oksana was promised a good job with good pay when she came to the United States from Ukraine. But when she arrived in Philadelphia to meet her new boss, things were not as she expected.

Can a Catholic be a Collectivist?
James Kalb, Crisis Magazine

Should Catholics today work, as a matter of conscience, toward ever broader bureaucratic responsibility for human well-being in general?

State Supreme Court Ruling: ‘State Employees are Subject to Right-to-Work’
Jack Spencer, Michigan Capital Confidential

Court rules 4-3 that Civil Service Commission can’t require involuntary payments to union.