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Friday, November 4, 2016

Annenberg study: Pope Francis’ climate change encyclical backfired among conservative Catholics
Lauren Sorantino, The Daily Pennsylvanian

Pope Francis’ plea for climate change action backfired among conservative Catholics, according to an Oct. 24 study published by the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

‘An incredible impact’: Poor kids are being priced out of youth sports. Here’s one solution.
Michael S. Rosenwald, Washington Post

As poor children around the country get priced out of expensive youth sports leagues, a volunteer baseball coach in suburban Maryland has devised a novel solution to one of many financial barriers. It’s a small, square checkbox.

The Latest News from Venezuela Proves You Can’t Create Flourishing by Controlling the Economy
Anne Bradley, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

Yesterday brought more news from the heartbreaking situation in Venezuela. CNN reports that president Nicolas Maduro increased the country’s minimum wage by 40 percent – and that hike still only amounts to $67 a month.

How a Christian Relates to the State
John Piper, Desiring God

Should the Christian church renounce the Christianization of the state in this age?

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

How to Help Poor Children
Robert Verbruggen, The American Conservative

If this election teaches Republicans one thing, hopefully it’s that they can no longer ignore the plight of the country’s lower and working classes. Safety-net reforms that meaningfully improve life for the poor—and are consistent with conservative principles—should be high on the agenda.

Human Freedom Is Up, But Government Quality Is Deteriorating
Marian Tupy,

These are interesting times to be an American. The people’s trust in the U.S. institutions is plummeting and the outcome of the presidential election, however it ends, is unlikely to reverse that trend.

The Need to Validate Vocational Interests
Ashley Lamb-Sinclair, The Atlantic

Assuming college is always the best option turns career-minded students away from true learning.

School Choice Benefits Teachers Too
Corey DeAngelis, FEE

Should teachers who forcefully receive resources from taxpayers benefit more, or the ones that produce desired educational outcomes?

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tradinistas: A Weird Rewrite of The Lord of the Flies
Angelo Codevilla, The Stream

This essay is part of a series examining how American religious, economic, and political freedom are compatible with Christian views of a good society. It was provoked by the publication of the Tradinista Manifesto, which called for “Christian socialism” and an established national Church.

What else can the government do for America’s poor?
Adam Millsap, Mercatus Center

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the 1996 welfare reforms, which has generated some discussion about poverty in the U.S. I recently spoke to a group of high school students on this topic and about what reforms, if any, should be made to our means-tested welfare programs.

How Hillary Clinton plans to expand child tax-credit
The Economist

For a long time, Hillary Clinton has said that she wants to reduce taxes for low- and middle-income Americans. But, unusually for her, she has been a little vague about exactly how she would do it. This week she announced a specific policy: to expand the child tax-credit (CTC), which reduces income-taxes for parents.

How Vocation Inspired Martin Luther to Launch the Reformation
Hugh Whelchel, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

One reason Luther’s efforts were so inspiring was because he was, as Veith calls him, “a man of the people.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Little-Noticed Fact About Trade: It’s No Longer Rising
Binyamin Appelbaum, New York Times

The constant flow of goods from Asia to the United States was briefly interrupted last month after Hanjin, the South Korean shipping line, filed for bankruptcy, stranding several dozen of its cargo ships on the high seas. It was a moment that made literal the stagnation of globalization.

Free Markets Refine Good Manners
Richard M. Ebeling, FEE

Only liberal, free market capitalism broke free of the age-old collectivist conception of the relationship between the individual and others in society.

300 Million Children Breathe Highly Toxic Air, Unicef Reports
Geeta Anand, New York Times

About 300 million children in the world breathe highly toxic air, the United Nations Children’s Fund said in a report on Monday that used satellite imagery to illustrate the magnitude of the problem.

The sweatshop dilemma
Tim Harford, The Undercover Economist

Ethiopia is an example of early-stage industrialisation: still one of the poorest places in the world, it’s been liberalising its economy and growing very quickly for the past decade. International investors from Europe to Bangladesh are eyeing up Ethiopia as a possible base for low-wage manufacturing. But what are these tough jobs like for the workers who do them?

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Monday, October 31, 2016

5 Facts about Reformation Day
Joe Carter, ERLC

While most people know today as Halloween, for millions of Christians October 31 is also Reformation Day. Here are five facts about the Protestant holiday.

Federal Judge Asks Why Obama Administration Isn’t Admitting Christian Syrian Refugees
Hans von Spakovsky, The Daily Signal

In an otherwise unremarkable opinion over the federal Freedom of Information Act, a federal appellate court judge has issued a sharp rejoinder to the Obama administration over an issue that has been discussed in the news—the almost complete lack of Syrian Christian refugees being brought over to the U.S.

Is There Still Room for Christian Political Advocacy?
James Clark, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

Tempting as it may be, we cannot abandon politics entirely, no matter how intractable, debased, or corrupt it becomes. All cultural spheres belong to God, and it is our duty as Christians to represent him in all of them.

The cost of exports
David Hebert, The Hill

Presidential candidates rarely agree with each other during the months leading up to an election, but in this case, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton proposed plans to increase jobs by increasing exports, with Mr. Trump seeming especially keen on the idea of doing anything and everything necessary to increase U.S. exports.

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Friday, October 28, 2016

How Evangelicals Could Help Fix the Supreme Court
Joe Carter, TGC

American evangelicals have a Supreme Court problem. But it’s not the problem you might assume.

What I didn’t learn in business school
Ken Eldred, Washington Times

Armed with Stanford undergraduate and MBA degrees and a fairly new Christian faith, I founded a business in the mid-1970s with $5,000 and a grocery bag of computer connector parts. Inmac started on the idea of selling computer accessories by mail order and expanded from there.

If You Have to Rent Your Freedom, You’re Not Free
Robert Higgs, FEE

People imagine that they own themselves and that they are free. But don’t tell that tale to the tax men.

Why Power-Mongers Want You Worshipping America Instead Of Worshipping God
Rebekah Curtis, The Federalist

Ye shall know them by their dangling hands when the flag goes by, and frown at them.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Why Calvin Had Good News for the Poor
Matthew J. Tuininga, TGC

When John Calvin became pastor in Geneva, most Protestant churches didn’t have deacons responsible for caring for the poor. In the medieval church, the diaconate had become an office with largely liturgical responsibilities. Most Reformed churches, following Ulrich Zwingli and Heinrich Bullinger, assumed it was the state’s responsibility—not the church’s—to care for the poor.

Female Genital Mutilation Remains Widespread in Many Countries
Marian Tupy,

The United States is in the midst of an election where allegations about mistreatment of women abound. But in parts of the world, women do not enjoy even the most basic of rights—let alone a shot at political leadership and power over their male counterparts.

In 6 Charts, the Rising Costs of Obamacare Rates
Melissa Quinn, The Daily Signal

New data from the federal government show that monthly premiums for health insurance plans sold on the federal exchange,, will increase by an average of 25 percent in 2017.

Three Implications of the Biblical View of Work for Christians Today
Hugh Whelchel, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

One implication of the biblical view of work is that we must rediscover that our primary call is to follow Jesus, and that this call encompasses the whole of our lives. This includes our everyday work.