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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Free and Virtuous Society
George Weigel, EPPC

Christians have been thinking through their relationship to the tangled worlds-within-worlds of politics, economics, and culture for nearly two millennia.

How to Develop a Christian Ethic
Russell Moore

Not long ago I got an email from a Christian man who asked me, “What can I do to become knowledgable in Christian ethics?”

The Wisdom to Know Which Causes of Inequality Can Be Changed
Megan McArdle, Bloomberg

“Equality,” wrote Balzac, “may be a right, but no power on earth can convert it into a fact.”

Google to ban payday loan advertisements
Andrea Peterson and Jonnelle Marte, Washington Post

Google announced Wednesday that it will ban all payday loan ads from its site, bowing to concerns by advocates who say the lending practice exploits the poor and vulnerable by offering them immediate cash that must be paid back under sky-high interest rates.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Evangelical Roots of American Economics
Bradley W. Bateman, The Atlantic

As the discipline began to emerge, a group of passionately religious academics wanted it to become a tool for limiting child labor and fighting poverty.

Six Ways the Recession Inflicted Scars on Millions of Unemployed Americans
Ben Leubsdorf, Wall Street Journal

Damage from a layoff can include smaller paychecks for decades, lower rates of homeownership, psychological issues and perhaps even shorter lifespans.

Can Biblical Stewardship Save the Nation?
Hugh Whelchel, Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

What can Christians do, then, about the situation unfolding in our country?

Admiration for Pope Francis in sharp decline, study shows

Three years into his papacy, a recent study shows global admiration for Pope Francis is in sharp decline.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Poverty of Liberal Economics
Adrian Walker, The Imaginative Conservative

Instead of delivering economic freedom tout court, liberal economics delivers a certain, liberal form of economic freedom—one that, as we will see below, is actually an unfreedom.

How Capitalism Took Over Sports Movies
Mike Miley, The Atlantic

In popular culture, businessmen and managers have ousted teams and players as dramatic heroes.

The inequality that matters most (hint: it’s not income)
Allison Schrager, Quartz

Income inequality in the US has increased in the last few decades, but inequality and well being are different

How Local Churches Anger The Gods Of Government
Douglas E. Baker, The Federalist

Secular liberals insist separating church and state ultimately means an impossible separation of religion and politics—and this zealous belief is eroding American freedom.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

President Obama calls for higher minimum wage following disappointing job report
Jeva Lange, The Week

Following the weakest job report in seven months, President Obama spoke to the press Friday about the economy and publicly called for Congress to raise the minimum wage.

Half a Billion of Our Children Are Growing Up in War, Famine and Other Catastrophes
Annalisa Merelli, Quartz

An estimated 462 million children of school age live in countries affected by humanitarian crises—including war, famine, and deadly epidemics—a UNICEF report published on May 4 found.

How to solve charter schools’ biggest challenge
Jenn Hatfield and Ian Lindquist, U.S. News & World Report

Since the turn of the century, there has been an explosion in student demand for charter schools. The number of charter schools has more than quadrupled during that time, from roughly 1,500 to over 6,800, yet the number of students on waitlists topped one million for the first time in 2014.

Could Adam Smith Have Loved Distributism?
Alexander Salter, The Imaginative Conservative

[T]here are, I contend, several areas where those who are intrigued by distributism, and those who are practicing, mainline political-economists, can find common ground. The most promising common ground lies in the selection of means for advancing similar, or even common, ends.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Should Courts Get to Define Religion?
Michael O’Loughlin, The Atlantic

The Massachusetts Supreme Court will decide whether a local shrine should be tax-exempt—a decision that could have broad implications for faith organizations in America.

The Best (and Worst) Cities for School Choice
Evan Smith, Opportunity Lives

School choice works. But it takes more than good intentions to succeed. Talent, leadership, infrastructure, culture and money are all key variables in the equation. The product is an environment that fosters educational opportunity.

How Cheap Energy Helps American Families
The American Interest

Oil and gas prices have fallen quite a bit since the summer of 2014—Brent crude has dropped 66 percent over the past 21 months while the Henry Hub natural gas benchmark price fell 62 percent over the same period.

The Myth That Regulation Can Stop Financial Crises
Mollie McNeill, The Daily Signal

Regulation doesn’t prevent financial crises—a fact that the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act conveniently ignored.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Finding God in a Financial Crisis
The Atlantic

Though I hadn’t even been inside of a church in 30 years, I wound up going one day, sobbing to the reverend after service. I was lost, and I knew it.

A Look Into Washington’s Crony Dealmaking Process
Bryan Riley, The Daily Signal

The legislative campaign behind this mandate highlights what the debate over free trade vs. protectionism is all about.

Finding Hope in the Fight Against Human Trafficking
Raleigh Sadler, TGC

man trafficking, or the exploitation of vulnerabilities for commercial gain, can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. This type of injustice is nothing new. As a matter of fact, human trafficking can be seen throughout ancient literature, even leaving its mark on the Hebrew Scriptures.

Almost Four in Ten Families with Children Say They Are Struggling Financially
Anna Sutherland, Family Studies

38 percent of American families with children under 18 reported struggling to get by financially in 2014.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Conservatives in Congress urge shutdown of tax-collecting IRS
Susan Cornwell, Reuters

It’s a U.S. taxpayer’s dream: make the Internal Revenue Service go away, and the largest conservative group in Congress is endorsing just that.

The Left Replaces Rule of Law with Rule of Politics
Stephen M. Krason, Crisis Magazine

The rule of law based merely upon ideological prescriptions fashioned by men essentially becomes a rule of politics.

Why Trump’s Government Spending Will Destroy The Economy
Willis L. Krumholz, The Federalist

Many GOP voters think they’re getting something new in Donald Trump. Actually, they are opting for Bushonomics and Obamanomics on steroids.

The Crime of Nations: The Underappreciated Role of Family Factors
Robert VerBruggen, Family Studies

Nations with young mothers and absent fathers also tend to have high crime rates.