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How U.S. Farm Subsidies Hurt the Global Poor

In the following clip from the PovertyCure series, Doug Seebeck explains how U.S. agricultural subsidies have significant negative consequences both at home and abroad — misaligning human action, distorting market signals, and diminishing opportunities for the least of these. Continue Reading...

Fertile Ground for Farm Subsidy Cuts

Here’s the piece I contributed to today’s Acton News & Commentary: Fertile Ground for Farm Subsidy Cuts By Elise Amyx With debt and budget negotiations in gridlock, and a growing consensus that federal spending at current levels is unsustainable, political support for farm subsidies is waning fast. Continue Reading...

Pope Addresses Rising Food Prices

Last week, Pope Benedict XVI addressed the annual conference of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and expressed particular concern over rising food prices and the instability of the global food market. Continue Reading...

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