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Blog author: Mindy Hirst
Tuesday, August 14, 2012

As an older teen and early twenty-something I hated checking in. I thought telling others where I was or what I was up to was a sign of dependence and immaturity. In my invincible state of mind, I did not see the dangers and pitfalls of being completely on my own. I saw our natural human need to look out for each other as a weakness and not the strength that it is.

Allowing others a window into our lives by checking in is wisdom. Not only does it give the ones who care about us insight into what we are dealing with so they can be a help to us, but it also allows us to process our own experiences by putting our life into words. That is why this summer we have been forming the On Call in Culture Check In Team—to allow those who want to be On Call in Culture the ability to connect with others who value bringing God glory through their work as well as the opportunity to see what they are doing daily as God’s work in the world.