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Chinese Government Tries To Stay Ahead Of Child Traffickers

Underground delivery rooms. Babies smuggled in designer handbags. Criminal gangs kidnapping pregnant women. It’s all part of a growing concern in China: child trafficking. According to CNN, Chinese authorities rescued 37 newborns and one toddler this week, arresting over 100 people in the process. Continue Reading...

Purple Penguins, Womyn’s Rights, And Semantic Silliness

In 1994, a clever man named James Finn Garner published Politically Correct Bedtime Stories. Garner did fabulous send-ups of familiar stories, with a twist: all of them were carefully constructed so as to offend NO ONE: There once was a young person named Red Riding Hood who lived with her mother on the edge of a large wood. Continue Reading...

Every Day is Children’s Day

I remember when I was a kid and would ask why we celebrate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. What about Children’s Day? To which I would receive the inevitable response, “Every day is Children’s Day.” I use the same response now when some smart-alecky kid pipes up with this kind of question. Continue Reading...

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