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People v. money: The flaws of Democratic Socialism

“This race is about people versus money,” said 28-year-old Democratic Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who last Tuesday usurped the nomination from high-ranking House Democrat, John Crowley. Her viral campaign video also accused the reigning King of Queens of not breathing the same air or drinking the same water as his constituents. Continue Reading...

Capitalism, cronyism, and socialism

“Having a heart for the poor isn’t hard. Having a mind for the poor…that’s the challenge.” –Poverty, Inc. This quote from the documentary Poverty, Inc. highlights the reason why so many people are willing to give their money to foreign aid, without necessarily understanding its harmful effects.  Continue Reading...

Bernie Sanders Loves to Decry ‘Casino Capitalism,’ But What About Economic Freedom?

In last Tuesday’s Democratic debate, Senator Bernie Sanders stayed true to his famed aversion to capitalism, proclaiming the fanciful virtues of “democratic socialism.” Yet when prodded by Anderson Cooper — who asked, “you don’t consider yourself a capitalist?” — Sanders responded not by attacking free markets, but by targeting a more popular target of discontent: Wall Street and the banks. Continue Reading...

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