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Friday, June 5, 2015

Let’s Partner Toward COP 21
Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, Do Justice

The Christian Reformed Church believes that the global church has a crucial and necessary role to play if the world is to begin adequately addressing the threat of climate change. It’s high time that the church stands up and is heard, and the CRC is planning an exciting campaign to begin to do just that.

On Sustainability
James V. Schall, S.J., The Catholic Thing

The root of the “sustainability mission,” I suspect, is the practical denial of eternal life. “Sustainability” is an alternative to lost transcendence. It is what happens when suddenly no future but the present one exists. The only “future” of mankind is an on-going planet orbiting down the ages. It always does the exact same, boring thing. This view is actually a form of despair. Our end is the preservation of the race down the ages, not personal eternal life.

Awaiting the Ecology Encyclical: Some Context
Fr. Thomas Rosica, Zenit

Pope Benedict articulated a Catholic Environmental vision which is pro-life, pro-family, pro-poor, pro-peace, pro-justice and fundamentally relational.

A Vatican official’s disgraceful diatribe
Phil Lawler, CatholicCulture

A few weeks ago I worried that the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences was pushing the Vatican into needless and divisive political controversy. Now I’m afraid the same Pontifical Academy is pushing itself into disgrace.

CNN’s Jake Tapper Challenges Rick Santorum On Climate Change Denial, Pope Remarks

Media Matters

Tapper: “Why Not Take The Overwhelming Majority Of Scientists At Their Word And Take Seriously That Humans Are Contributing To Climate Change?”

On Dec. 7, Rev. James V. Schall, S.J., will deliver his last lecture at Georgetown University in Washington as he prepares for retirement. A great friend of Acton, Rev. Schall will be speaking in Gaston Hall in a lecture titled “A Final Gladness.” A good turnout is expected so register in advance by contacting by Nov. 28.

To see an archive of Rev. Schall’s Acton articles, please go to this link.

From his Georgetown bio:

Father Schall’s interests include classical and medieval political philosophy, natural law, Christian political philosophy, and the nature of political philosophy. His books include: Reason, Revelation, and the Foundations of Political Philosophy; Another Sort of Learning; At the Limits of Political Philosophy; Jacques Maritain: The Philosopher in Society. He also writes two columns, “Sense and Nonsense,” in Crisis magazine and “Schall on Chesterton,” in Gilbert!.