PowerLinks 04.02.14

April 02, 2014 • by Joe Carter

PowerLinks 04.02.14

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Conscientious Corporations: Should The Government Crack Down?

Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties are two companies with consciences. It is that sense of morality that has put both those companies before the Supreme Court right now. These companies, in accordance to their understanding of right and wrong, do not want to be forced (by government mandate) to pay for employees’ birth control and abortions. Continue Reading...

PowerLinks 04.01.14

Immigration Reform Is a Moral Imperative Ralph Reed and Russell Moore, Wall Street Journal Laws to deal with those already here should respect each person’s God-given dignity. It’s Time To End Welfare for Big Business Stephen Moore, The Foundry Why haven’t Republicans pledged to end corporate welfare as we know it? Continue Reading...

Four Decades with Thomas Jefferson

20th Century historian Dumas Malone praised Thomas Jefferson as the exemplar of liberty. “To all who cherish freedom and abhor tyranny in any form, [Jefferson] is an abiding hope that springs eternal,” declared Malone. Continue Reading...