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PowerLinks 03.30.18

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Not Tragically Colored
Mortification of Spin

Ismael Hernandez, author of ‘Not Tragically Colored: Freedom, Personhood, and the Renewal of Black America,’ discusses what it was like being raised in a militant communist household and what changed after he moved to America.

“The Sequence” is the Secret to Success
Wendy Wang, Institute for Family Studies

Following the success sequence is associated with a much lower chance of being poor and much better odds of realizing the American Dream.

Thomas More and the Politics of Conscience
L. Joseph Hebert, Crisis Magazine

If we are to follow More’s example today, applying his wisdom to the betterment of contemporary political societies, we must understand his mind when it comes to the complex question of how citizens of conscience can hope to navigate the ever-stormy seas of power politics, where the ideal is rarely possible, compromise is often necessary, and one’s reputation, position, freedom, or life may at any time be threatened.

On Being Conservative
Christopher Olaf Blum, The Imaginative Conservative

To be a conservative is first and foremost to defend or to conserve something good: to protect family, neighborhood, local community, and region.

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