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PowerLinks 04.02.18

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How to Think about Patriotism
Wilfred M. McClay, National Affairs

ecent developments in our politics have inspired a re-evaluation of patriotism and a fresh consideration of its worth.

The unspoken cause of Labour’s anti-Semitism problem
Theo Hobson, The Spectator

There is another cause of Labour’s anti-Semitism. It is not just that Israel is seen as the last vestige of western imperialism, and that Jews are still suspected of running global finance. It is also that many on the left hate religion, and Judaism is, in some ways, the most intense face of religion.

How The Constitution Protects Our Right To Worship, Own Property, And To Thrive
Bre Payton, The Federalist

The Founders understood that freedom was not merely the unbridled ability to live according to one’s appetites and desires, but the ability to do what is right and to live virtuous lives.

There Are Two Ways to Get Wealth: the Economic and the Political
Gary M. Galles, FEE

March 30th marks the anniversary of the birth of someone who introduced a crucial distinction in understanding political reality—sociologist Franz Oppenheimer.

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