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PowerLinks 04.09.18

The Future of America’s Economy Looks a Lot Like Elkhart, Indiana
David Kasnic, Wall Street Journal

No place in the U.S. has seen a labor-market turnaround like this metropolitan region of 110,000 workers, a mix of blue-collar whites, Mexican immigrants and Amish. “It’s like 1955,” said Michael Hicks, a Ball State economist. “If you show up and have minimal literacy skills, you can find a job here.”

Christian women in the U.S. are more religious than their male counterparts
Dalia Fahmy, Pew Research

In many parts of the world, women – especially Christian women – are more religious than men. In the United States, where seven-in-ten adults are Christian, this religion gender gap is actually greater than it is a number of other developed nations, including Canada, the UK, Germany and France.

Young Americans aren’t as hostile to capitalism as they claim
Joseph Blasi and Douglas L Kruse, CapX

American youth say they don’t like capitalism without realising they support aspects of it.

In April, Pope Francis prays for people with economic responsibility
Hannah Brockhaus, Catholic News Agency

In his prayer video for the month of April, Pope Francis requested prayers for those who have a large responsibility when it comes to economic affairs, that they will always value what is good for the human person over profit.

Joe Carter

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