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PowerLinks 04.12.18

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The unexamined business is not worth doing. Why having a philosopher at the office is a good business choice
Scotty Hendricks, Big Think

A boardroom filled with nothing but businesspeople might have a hard time trying to solve an ethical problem without unduly erring towards their profit. A philosopher in the room would at least give voice to ethical issues and concerns other than the maximization of income.

Economists Should Stop Being So Certain
Mark Buchanan, Bloomberg View

Weather forecasting offers a lesson on the value of self-doubt.

Subsidiarity, Federalism, and the Role of the State
Mark Pulliam, Library of Law and Liberty

The principle of subsidiarity seems to dovetail with our system of federalism, which preserves the states as the basic unit of government. Distant bureaucrats often ignore the wishes of the public they supposedly serve. Nevertheless, local control is not a talisman; abstract concepts can become complicated when applied to real-life situations.

Why the Social Engineers of the Sixties Failed to Make a “Great Society”
Richard M. Ebeling, FEE

The State clearly knew best what “these” people really needed for them to have some minimum form of a “decent life.”

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