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PowerLinks 05.08.18

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Politics in the Pews: Anti-Trump Activism Is Reviving Protestant Churches—at a Cost
Ian Lovett, Wall Street Journal

A push toward activism among liberal Christian denominations is reshaping traditional worship and splitting congregations.

Gen Z, Let’s Prioritize the Gospel as We Pursue Justice
Jaquelle Crowe, TGC

Many in my generation aren’t only emphasizing justice over evangelism; they’re sacrificing truth at the altar of humanity.

In Government-Controlled Health Care, Bureaucrats’ Whims Trump Parents’ Rights
Robert Moffit, The Daily Signal

This is a systemic failure, not the particular failure of any individual official or medical professional.

Free Traders Should Be More Careful When Defending Trade Deficits
Robert Murphy, The Beacon

Maybe that’s a sign of wise investment (in the case of foreigners investing in U.S. factories) or maybe it’s a sign of profligacy (in the case of foreigners lending money to Uncle Sam to fuel boondoggle programs), but either way we shouldn’t view our trade deficit as “getting more for less.”

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