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PowerLinks 05.19.18

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Capitalism was born in Iraq and Syria, not invented by Adam Smith
Nima Sanandaji, CapX

Adam Smith was not the first thinker to explain the role of labour and specialisation.

Prescription Rates Drive Opioid Crisis More Than Economic Woes, Study Finds
Harriet Torry, Wall Street Journal

The supply of opioid prescriptions is a strong predictor of declines in work-force participation, according to a new study, which also found that weak employment conditions themselves didn’t lead to more opioid abuse.

Can an Alfie Evans Case Happen in the United States?
Thomas Ascik, The Imaginative Conservative

We do not yet have cases of children or incompetent adults being captured and detained in hospitals by force of law, and the breathtaking vehemence and sweep of the British court in the case of Alfie Evans is not going to happen here soon, especially in setting out the rights of parties in such cases.

Joe Carter

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