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PowerLinks 09.07.18

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Prioritizing the Value of Work in a Celebrity-Obsessed World
Naomi Schaefer Riley, Institute for Family Studies

Perhaps the real reason for the shaming of Owens is that he went from being famous to being just an average guy like the rest of us.

198 Chinese Christian Leaders—and Counting—sign Joint Statement Affirming Religious Freedom
The St. Charles Institute

On August 30, 2018, a group of Chinese Christian pastors and leaders issued a joint statement, a declaration for the sake of Christian faith. This statement comes at a time of increasing tension between the Chinese government and China’s Christian community. And many believe this marks a significant moment in the country’s church and state relations.

Mugged by regulation
Scott Sumner, EconLib

Government regulation is one of my biggest frustrations. Here are just three examples that hit our family, all in August.

How ‘Democratic Socialism’ Wreaked Havoc On My Native Sweden
Anders Ingemarson, The Federalist

Sweden’s experiment with ‘democratic socialism’ resulted in four decades of lost progress. Let’s learn from their mistake, not emulate it.

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