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PowerLinks 09.13.18

Common Grace, Natural Law, and the Social Order
Jordan J. Ballor and J. Daryl Charles, Public Discourse

Abraham Kuyper’s teachings help us to rightly value the created order. They also help us understand the ways in which the “common grace” of God preserves the social order through the state, the family, and the dignity of individual work.

How Far Should the Government Go to Prevent Intergenerational Poverty?
Helen Alvaré, Institute for Family Studies

In his new book, James Dwyer contends that children must “not begin life legally tethered to or in the custody of dysfunctional people living in horrible neighborhoods.”

Norman Borlaug: the unsung father of the Green Revolution
Alexander C. R. Hammond, CapX

Borlaug’s work saved the lives of approximately one billion people.

Economists Must Answer for More than Just Economics
Wilhelm Röpke, The Imaginative Conservative

Romanticizing and moralistic contempt of the economy, including contempt of the impulses which move the market economy and the institutions which support it, must be as far from our minds as economism, materialism, and utilitarianism.

Joe Carter

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