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PowerLinks 10.31.18

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If You Want to Save the Planet, Drop the Campaign Against Capitalism
Andrew Glover, Quillette

Ensuring that subsequent generations can live well is ordinarily a core concern for conservatives.

Wisconsin’s $4.1 Billion Foxconn Boondoggle
Bruce Murphy, The Verge

Gov. Scott Walker promised billions to get a Foxconn factory, but now he’s running away from it.

Younger adults in Western Europe are more socially, politically progressive than older age groups
Laura Silver And Courtney Johnson, Pew Research

Younger people in Western Europe differ in a variety of ways from older adults: They tend to be more left-leaning, more progressive in their social and political views, more receptive to immigrants and more favorable toward the European Union.

Rewarding Work for Those Left Behind
Isabel Sawhill, The American Interest

Low-wage workers are being left behind. Government and business both have a role to play in restoring broad-based prosperity.

Joe Carter

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