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PowerLinks 11.29.18

Just Tariff Theory
James E. Hartley, Public Discourse

The notion that tariffs are bad has been supported by world-renowned economists for centuries. Yet we are currently in the midst of a trade war. Maybe what we need is a Just Tariff Theory: a system to weigh the economic harms of tariffs against the political benefits they may have.

How Liberal Policy Keeps Black Kids From Succeeding
Walter E. Williams, The Daily Signal

What do you think of the proposition that no black youngsters should be saved from educational rot until all can be saved?

Mercantilism: The theory that explains Trump’s trade war
Scotty Hendricks, Big Think

Mercantilism, the oldest thing in economics, is back in a big way.

War on Poverty: Nearly Won (and Lost)
Marvin Olasky, WORLD

Factoring in government welfare payments, very few Americans lack food, shelter, and clothing—but what about purpose and productivity?

Joe Carter

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