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PowerLinks 12.03.18

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The Budget, the Local Church, and Who Is Helping: People not Money
John Mark N. Reynolds, Patheos

Can we look at where a local church spends money and judge what that congregation is doing to help people?

Faith and (No) Work
Roydon Frost, TGC Africa

For so many African Christians, the question is not “how can I fulfil God’s calling in my work?”; but “where can I find work?” full stop. The question is not “how can I integrate faith and work?”; the question is “how can I live out my faith with integrity when there is no work?”

Trump punches free enterprise
James Pethokoukis, The Week

Republicans — supposedly America’s business-loving party — in particular should be horrified at such a politically-driven attempt at what they might have previously condemned as “central planning” or “crony capitalism.”

Free Will and the Market Place
Frank Chodorov, Mises Wire

In making his ethical choices, man is guided by a code believed to have the sanction of God; and experience has shown that the good life to which his instinct impels him can be achieved only if he makes his decisions accordingly.

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