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Verdict Is In: Food Stamps Put Poor Kids on Path to Success
Peter R. Orszag, Bloomberg Opinion

Long-term evidence starting in the 1960s now shows that government support in childhood reduces the need for welfare in adulthood.

George H.W. Bush understood that markets and the environment weren’t enemies
Matthew Kahn, The Conversation

Bush majored in economics at Yale and was a skilled politician. He believed that market-based solutions could protect the environment at lower cost than the command-and-control strategy that was more typical in the 1970s and 1980s.

In Defense of Capitalism
Matthew Summers, The Imaginative Conservative

The term capitalism has long been used by critics as a catch-all to denote a system replete with greed, indulgence, excess, and deprivation. It is easy to misinterpret self-interest as selfishness and write off capitalism and economics. But the truth of the matter is much more complicated.

Diplomats at Vatican back nuns in fight against human trafficking
Elise Harris, Crux

Though ambassadors to the Holy See might not be able to engage the Vatican on every issue of interest to their governments, one cause where they all seem to be jumping on the bandwagon is the fight against human trafficking.

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