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PowerLinks 01.23.19

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Rhetoric’s Place in Economic Debate
Garreth Bloor, Library of Economics and Liberty

Concern that millennials are adopting socialist ideas is real. But there are inconsistencies, and many have accepted a rhetoric of morality and values, without being wedding to the how of securing normative ends.

New Study Dispels Misconceptions About ‘Motherhood Penalty’ and ‘Fatherhood Premium’
Rachel Greszler, The Daily Signal

The average woman responds to motherhood by wanting to spend more time with her family, while the average man responds to fatherhood by wanting to spend more time providing financially for his family.

Montesquieu on Why Trade and Commerce Create Peace, Prosperity, and Good Will
Gary M. Galles, FEE

Before America’s founding, careful thinkers like Montesquieu knew the blessings of liberty and the benefits of voluntary arrangements.

The Vice of Nationalism
Jared Morgan McKinney, Providence

There seems to be something of a movement to revive the “virtue of nationalism” today, both in America and—with Brexit the apparent battle flag—the rest of the world. This is a mistake.

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