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PowerLinks 02.13.19

Federal Court: University Of Iowa Illegally Discriminated Against Christian Student Groups
Nicole Russell, The Federalist

Court documents revealed the public university kept a ‘watch list’ of student groups on probation. All of the groups on the list were religious.

Trump Is Right to Warn Democrats About ‘Socialism’
Cass R. Sunstein, Bloomberg Opinion

Progressives have embraced the term, and that’s a dangerous mistake.

On Occupational Licensing, Texas Is Again the ‘Lodestar State’ for Legal Reforms
Jonathan Zalewski, The Daily Signal

Texas has taken another meaningful stride to further reform its criminal justice system and to better protect its residents from unnecessary and confusing laws.

People Who Are Most Fearful Of Genetically Modified Foods Think They Know The Most About Them, But Actually Know The Least
Jesse Singal, BP Digest

On average, the more vehemently a given respondent said they were opposed to GM foods, the fewer questions about the subject they answered accurately, and the higher they rated their own knowledge.

Joe Carter

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