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PowerLinks 02.25.19

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Venezuela Isn’t Just a Failed State. It’s a Failure of the Left.
Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg Opinion

Conservatives are not wrong when they say socialism deserves some blame for the nation’s collapse.

How Capitalism Is Better For The Environment Than The Green New Deal
Alexis Nester, The Federalist

The outdoor clothing company Patagonia demonstrated a more feasible alternative to the Green New Deal in donating their $10 million savings from the 2017 tax cuts to environmental causes.

NYC Fast-Food Workers Stunned Some Are Being Fired after $15 Minimum Wage Hike
Chloe Anagnos, FEE

Serving as ground zero for the $15 minimum wage battle, New York City saw its fast-food workers also serve as the subjects in an experiment that completely ignored the laws of economics.

Pillars of Liberty: The Moral Virtues
Louis Markos, The Imaginative Conservative

Dr. Louis Markos explains how the problem in today’s education is not that virtue is forgotten, but that only certain “pseudo-virtues” are being taught.

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