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PowerLinks 03.11.19

Putting Adam Smith Back Together
Samuel Gregg, Public Discourse

The choices underlying marketplace transactions are more complicated and less narrowly self-regarding than we often suppose. By returning to the full corpus of Adam Smith’s writings, we can escape economistic conceptions of human beings and enhance our understanding of how market economies actually work.

Religious, nonprofit leaders want Congress to repeal ‘parking lot tax’
Catholic News Service

Nonprofit and religious leaders, including the chairmen of two U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ committees, called on Congress to repeal a provision in the 2017 tax cut bill that taxes religious and nonprofit organizations for the cost of parking lots and transit benefits provided to employees.

Trump’s tariffs are hurting the stores where the poorest Americans shop
Natasha Frost, Quartz

It is a truth universally acknowledged: When businesses’ costs rise, they will pass off what they can to the customer.

A School-Voucher Shell Game
Robert Verbruggen, National Review

If we want the government to subsidize school vouchers, let’s make that case to the public.

Joe Carter

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